Two months in, Windows 11 is still a work in progress

Our articles have been read over 150 million times since we launched in 2008. Depending on what kind of keyboard you have, the PrintScreen key might be labeled in several ways—Prt sc, Prtsc, PrintScreen, or PrtScn are the most common. SnippingTool opens, but is then automatically closed a few seconds later and the registry setting removed.

Windows 11 hopes to fix some of the most annoying problems by adding larger touch targets for resizing windows. There’s also a smaller touch-typing keyboard that can sit in the corner of the screen for one-handed typing, not unlike how you might type on your phone. Microsoft tried to make widgets happen for years before abandoning them, but this might be the version that sticks. A new button in the taskbar will open a widget panel with a to-do list, weather, traffic, calendar, and other basic widgets. This isn’t too different from how widgets work in MacOS, available when you want to take a glance but disappearing when you don’t need them. Eventually, the feature will be open to developers, so expect to see more third-party widgets down the road.

While you do need a 3rd party tool to take a screenshot of your login screen. However, you can take the screenshot of your lock screen by a simple method. Launch Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows key and “G” key on your keyboard. The Control Panel application is the primary place for various Windows settings controlling Windows looks and feel, and behavior of other software. The Control Panelapplets configure field and number separators in Excel (you can switchsemicolon to comma, comma to semicolon, comma to point, etc.) ormeasurement systemin PowerPoint.

How to take a screenshot on PC

To open this tool, press Windows key + Shift + S.You will notice that the screen will turn grey and a set of options will appear at the top. First, you can use the Alt key to take a screenshot of the foreground application, even when multiple applications are open at the same time. The first image below shows my desktop with four different application windows open. The screenshot has been saved in the clipboard and you will need to paste it into an image editing tool.

  • The version 22H2 will contain a number of improvements and it will be offered as a full feature update rather than an enablement package.
  • It will not directly save the screenshot in any folder.
  • But, if you need to take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility and robust tools, Snagit is a great option.

If you still can’t find Windows 11 update in Windows Update after using the above two methods, you may need to change the related registry keys. Follow the on-screen wizards to finish the troubleshooting process. MiniTool reseller program is aimed at businesses or individual that want to directly sell MiniTool products to their customers. MiniTool ShadowMaker helps to back up system and files before the disaster occurs. MiniTool MovieMakerCreate slick and professional videos in minutes.

How to Get Help in Windows 11 (6 Methods)

You may need to enter a recovery key to continue. You should be able to find it by signing in to your Microsoft account (or the account of the computer’s owner) at If you download a new version of Windows, you can choose to just remove your files. Resets are also useful if you’ve just bought a spanking new system, loaded all your data onto it, and now want to sell / trade in / give away / discard your old system. But before you get the no-longer-needed computer out of your house, you’re going to want to wipe all your data off the hard drive first. Choose the option you want, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can expand the table below and move to the relevant feature with just a click. Microsoft has not confirmed the arrival date for the second coming of Windows 11. The release is not the big bang of some versions, a reflection of the update mechanism for Windows 11, but still irons out some of the rougher edges. If you’re a member of the Windows Insider Program, head to the Windows Update page, click on the Windows Insider program settings, and select Beta Channel to install the update. The default homepage of File Explorer is now called Home. The name Quick access has been updated for the pinned/frequent folders section and Pinned files is now called Favorites to align with Office and OneDrive.

Keyboard Shortcut

You can call it out and then select the whole screen to capture. After that, you can also use this tool to edit the image according to your requirements. Of course, you can click one of the icons in the menu according to your need to take a screenshot.